Making Simplicity Look Sexy


By Reuben Dongalen Jr.


Distrikt Movement co-owner, Alex Mazerolle, or Ally Maz — Courtesy of Reuben Dongalen Jr.

We all know, that in today’s society, the aim is to accumulate as much as we can: earning more money, lining up for the latest fashion trends, purchase that shiny new car, show off as many of our possessions in our respective living spaces, etc.

However, there are a group of people who defy the status quo through a lifestyle that can be explained all in one word.



Check out our photo album below of Distrikt Movement and the interior design, including vintage pieces and minimalist decor.

Courtesy of Reuben Dongalen Jr.


Distrikt Movement:

Ally Mazerolle:

JR Dongalen’s YouTube:




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